Elevate Your Mobility & Strength.

Our goal is to help you take joint function, mobility & stability into your own hands; this is our foundation for all movement. We want to nurture the ability for anyone, at any age, to live pain-free, mobile, stable, explosive, powerful & controlled. This is why we coach & teach the methods for you to learn for life.

If want you to expand your movement library & do more sports that bring you joy, you have found the right place. Longevity matters to us over short term gains!

  • Mobility Mastery: Train for stability, power, and control.
  • Proven Expertise: Proudly coached over 500+ individuals & created 2 CPD Certifications.
  • Self-Testing: track your own ROM within the app or get in touch for a customised assessment.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to guiding you every step of the way towards your mobility goals.
  • SAVE $100s by getting PRO before June to get access to ALL challenges, programs & app courses FOR LESS!
  • Use AS MANY programs & sessions as you like at once, there is no limit!



Great bang for your buck. What stands out for me is the versatility; whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, the app is perfect for you.


The challenges are fantastic, a great way for someone to get a taste of mobility training


Helped me erradicate plantar fasciitis

What's on the FMF PRO App?

On PRO you get access to everything (listed below)

Short Sessions

4 Week Short Sessions to add to your training as accessories or at home movement breaks.

  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Foot & Ankle Mobility & Stability
  • Whole Body Mobility
  • Hip Mobility
  • Spine Mobility & Core
  • Knee Stability
  • Hip Mobility - Middle Splits Focus
  • PRO Programs Sample
  • Warm Up Collection
  • Busy Person Whole Body (short 15 min sessions covering the entire body)

Strength & Mobility Programs

Goal or Joint Specific. Follow full length strength & mobility sessions. 6-12 Week Options.

  • 12 Week Hip Mobility Program
  • 8 Week Lower Body Length & Strength Program
  • 12 Week Shoulder Mobility Program
  • 12 Week Spinal Program
  • 12 Week Ankle Mobility Program
  • 6 Week Whole Body Cardio, Functional Strength & Mobility (CFSM) Phase 1
  • 6 Week Whole Body Cardio, Functional Strength & Mobility (CFSM) Phase 2
  • 12 Week Whole Body Mobility & Muscle Program COMING 27.05.24


Learn & Move

  • Get access to multiple educational modules & practice gradually
  • 8 Week Foot Pain & Plantar Fasciitis Course
  • 8 Week Hallux Valgus (Bunions) Course
  • Squat Workshop & 8 Week Program Coming Soon
  • 8 Week Mobility Training & Low Back Pain Course Coming Soon

Self Testing Area

Track ROM over time

  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Shoulder Flexion
  • Hip Rotation
  • Squat Test
  • Ankle Dorsiflexion
  • Hip Extension
Our Story

Hali & Calum

Hali is a certified Mobility & Rehabilitation Coach, Level 3 PT, with a 1:1 BSc degree. Her specialty is in mobility and rehabilitation, helping individuals return to their favorite sports and alleviate pain. Hali's own experiences, including a car accident that left her with three herniated discs, nerve damage, and muscle degradation, motivated her to dive deeper into this field. Despite medical professionals telling her she wouldn't improve, she overcame her injuries. Today, she's passionate about assisting others in their healing journeys and educating other coaches. Her expertise is built on over 12 years of research.

Calum is certified in Personal Training and Functional Range Conditioning. He started in the fitness sector working directly with gym clients. However, after delving into bodybuilding and nutrition, he recognized a predominant emphasis on physical appearance over genuine health in the industry. Coupled with his personal healing journey and collaboration with Hali, Calum transitioned into calisthenics and movement training. Together with Hali, they've guided hundreds to overcome pain and achieve better movement.

  • Certified Mobility & Rehabilitation Coach with a BSc; specializes in aiding recovery to sports and pain relief.
  • Overcame personal injuries from a car accident, defying medical expectations.
  • Passionate about helping others heal and teaching coaches mobility methods.
  • Over 18 years of combined study & research in mobility and strength.

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While some programs might benefit from specific equipment, many are designed to be done with minimal to no equipment. Each program will specify if any additional tools are recommended.

Saving you $1000s over the year, you get access to every single specialist program, app course & challenge. These are added to regularly.

Short Sessions are shorter & relevant for beginners to intermediate movers. The Programs vary in difficulty & encompass all skill levels from intermediate to advanced. The courses are specialised & start at beginner level.

Yes! You can follow as many programs, challenges or courses at once as you wish! When you start any program it will show up in the 'My Plan' tab.

Super easy just go to: halinkahart.ymove.app/account Please note we do not have access to your membership & cannot edit this for you.

We have a no refund policy because the subscription control is entire with you (the user), you have access to change or cancel your subscription at any time using the link above or the same link that is sent to you in your confirmation email. Please pay attention to the subscription dates & if you wish to cancel please do so before the payment goes out. A refund costs us extra on top of what the charge is for you, so for this reason we leave the account entirely in your control so you can cancel it the second you wish to so it is fair for both of us :)